|AoX| Landing Page

Unofficial AssaultCube Partner Resource

You Have landed at the |AoX| Clan {F43} Community Info Page...

We are a faction of players originating from the AssaultCube clan:

We are a Family - a cell of tight knit players.

We are bigger than a clan - we are a community.

We are happy to accept like-minded players. For what they can teach us and for what we can teach them , as well. But above all, we treasure having good friends to share the games we love with.

|AoX| Radio @ http://aox-ac.net/stream.mp3

Official AssaultCube Forum

You can find us in irc @ Alterland.net: #3t3rn1ty

As well, you can visit the AssaultCube chat @ quakenet.org

Our Blacklists are publicly available here:

Feel free to add our own package server:
Use "/addpckserver ny.aox-ac.net" while in-game